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Maintaining your solar PV system will maximise the benefits and protect your investment.

We have been designing and installing bespoke Solar PV systems since 2009.


Our family team has amassed invaluable experience in both the residential and commercial sectors with system sizes ranging from a single panel on a shed roof to a thousand panels in a field.

We are always happy to discuss a potential project so please call for a friendly, informal chat or drop us an email and we will help as best we can.​ Don't put it off any longer, start saving today.

Call: 0800 6123451 (freephone)

We are a family-owned business and do not employ salespeople, no salesperson will call.


Talk to a Which TrustedTrader approved professional.

Request a callback

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Why Install Solar PV?

Installing Solar PV is a great way of protecting yourself against rising energy costs, by generating your own clean, free electricity you are fixing tomorrow's energy cost today.

The uptake of Solar PV in the past decade has resulted in a significant reduction in the cost of the equipment making Solar PV the most affordable, cost-effective renewable energy source for your home.

In addition to the attractive cost savings, the environmental benefits are huge. The average home produces around 7.8 tonnes of CO2 per annum and there are over 23 million homes in the UK alone.

Installing Solar PV is good for your environment and good for your pocket.

Being a small family owned business with no salespeople to pay and low overheads we can ensure our PV systems are the best value available, if you find a like for like system for less we guarantee to beat the price.

Q Cell 345 Monno Q Peak Duo G8 Plus All
Growatt MTL-S inverter.png
Q Cells Logo.png

3.45 kWp

10 x 345w Q Cells All Black Panels

Growatt Inverter


25 year panel warranty - 10 year inverter warranty includes installation & VAT.

Q Cell 345 Monno Q Peak Duo G8 Plus All

4.14 kWp

12 x 345w Q Cells All Black Panels

SolarEdge Inverter & Optimisers


25 year panel warranty - 12 year inverter warranty includes installation & VAT.

LG Neon All Black Modules.png

5.76 kWp

16 x 360w LG Neon R Prime Panels

SolarEdge Inverter & Optimisers


25 year panel warranty - 12 year inverter warranty includes installation & VAT.

At Igloo, professionalism and customer service are at the heart of everything we do, we strive to be the best and offer the best service. In recognition of our higher standards, we have been awarded the most respected accreditations in our industry.

MCS Logo New.png
Acclaim Logo.png
Trustmark logo.png
NAPIT_Logo_hi res.jpg
checkatrade logo.png
Theydon Bois Solar PV.jpg

We had received a quote to replace an inverter on our solar installation and were rather worried about the company who quoted so asked Warren Brown of Igloo Environmental Ltd to check to see if we had been given good advice. He found the first company had given us totally dishonest advice and in fact they had turned the inverter off in the attic to cause a problem. He told us that the original company was a scam and saved us from spending a lot of money since he turned the inverter back on and said no further action was necessary at this stage. How wonderful to find an honest trader and we would certainly recommend him to anyone with a similar problem.

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